Sumartono Sumartono, Hani Astuti


Everyone has the same rights to live healthy. This is not limited by the geographical environment, either in urban or rural areas. But this is not well realized. In the city community, the problem of health services and information is very accessible, because of the abundance of facilities and media for health communication. Health promotion can be done by using the media. Media that is widely used to promote, socialize health is a poster. The research method that will be used is qualitative descriptive is a study intended to gather information about the status of an existing phenomenon, namely the state of symptoms collected in the field according to what it was at the time the research was conducted. The results showed that the poster was effectively used as a health communication media because of its attractive physical appearance, made using colors and the contents of the message useful for its readers. The results of this research will be published in scientific journals. Keywords: poster, health communication media.


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