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Preliminary assessment data obtained from community service partners (abdimas), namely students are often confused in choosing lecture majors when there are majors for college invitation students, the percentage is quite high for students who continue their education to college, and schools do not yet have a specific method the results are valid, objective, and reliable. Therefore, special, valid, objective, and objective methods are needed to answer the problems faced by partners and students. One method that can be done based on these problems is a psychological assessment in the form of a test of aptitude and interest. This test aims to explore the talents and interests of students towards a field of work that will later be connected with the department / faculty at a college or university. Talent or aptitude is an innate ability or potential that still needs to be trained and developed so that it can be realized. While interest is a relatively sedentary trait in someone who has an influence on learning. The results of this psychological assessment are in the form of information about intelligence, talents and interests, personalities, and majors in universities, especially the University of Esa Unggul. The community service activities were attended by 208 students from Taman Harapan 1 High School and Cindera Mata High School Bekasi City and on 19, 20 and July 21 2018. Out of 208 data, only 156 data can be processed / interpreted and 52 data cannot be processed. The interest of the work most interested in participants is scientific, then medical, and clerical. The most recommended department or faculty at University of Esa Unggul is for participants who are tailored to their interest in the Faculty of Health, followed by the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Design and Creative Industries. A total of 21 participants who did not have faculty recommendations at University of Esa Unggul. It is expected that from this talent and interest tracking program can support students when determining their career fields that are suitable for their talents and interests, and can increase enthusiasm, motivation, and achievement in students in the future.


Keywords: Aptitude test, interest test, high school student

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