Fajarina Fajarina, Euis Nurul Bahriyah, Reza Indrayana, Fransisca Sekar Kinasih, Gabriela Manallu, Kevin Kevin, Muhammad Hilmi, Tatas Nara


Beauty salons are currently the main choice for women to look beautiful. With the proliferation of beauty businesses such as salons to improve appearance, especially hairstyles. Being in a beauty salon business in today's era is not easy. Besides being required to master skills and the quality of service to consumers must be good, the most important thing is careful business planning or good business management. The beauty salon service industry is also known as the repeat-business industry, meaning that this business relies on its customers to return regularly to the salon while constantly looking for new customers. The increasingly fierce competition in the beauty salon sector, directly requires every beauty salon to have advantages and uniqueness in order to compete with other beauty salons. This also affects the salon industry such as Kriwil Salon. There needs to be a marketing communication strategy, namely creating an In-House Magazine, which can provide breakthroughs in communicating the brand and its products. We want to try to help by creating an In-House Magazine for Kriwil Salon, in order to help in terms of increasing consumer loyalty for both loyal Kriwil Salon customers, and new customers. It is hoped that this In-House Magazine can be used for the marketing sector by Kriwil Salon by printing it and then it can be used when there are exhibitions or other promotional things.


Keywords: In-House Magazine, publication

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