Elsa Martini, Dandy Muhamad Fadilah


DKI Jakarta as the most populous capital of Indonesia among other major cities. As the National Capital, the attractiveness of DKI Jakarta is very large for migrants from the village, making the population increase. West Jakarta is the most populous area in DKI Jakarta province in 2015. Data from the DKI Jakarta Central Bureau of Statistics noted that population density in West Jakarta was 19.02 thousand per kilometer (km) square. This figure is the highest compared to other Jakarta regions and also above the density of DKI Province, which is only 15.37 thousand per square km. Kampung Rawa Barat is one of the villages located in Kclurahan Kebon Jeruk, Kecamatan Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Previously the West Rawa village was known as the Rawa village but in the past year there has been an expansion into West Rawa and East Rawa. West Rawa itself initially only had one RT, RT 02 / RW 04, then RT 02, the division was divided into two RTs, namely RT 15 and RT 16 with the condition of a relatively densely populated area and various kinds of potential and problems. The realignment of Kampung Rawa Barat aims to make the Kampung Rawa Barat settlement area more organized and have RTH and social facilities and public facilities.


Keyword: slums, restructuring

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RTBL Kota DKI Jakarta


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