Harizal Harizal, umina umina, Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih


Synthesis and characterization of C-4-benzyloxyphenylcalix[4]pyrogallaryl dodecabenzoat have been successfully conducted. Synthesis of target compound was carried out throught three consecutive steps comprising 1) benzylation of 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 2) preparation of C-4-benzyloxyphenylcalix[4]pyrogallarene cyclotetramer, and 3) O-benzoilation of C-4-benzyloxyphenylcalix[4]pyrogallarene. Additional characterizations were performed by determining electronic absorbance profile (absorbance region, lmax and e), and photostability test. Based on the results obtained, the product has the absorbance in UVC region with relatively high ε value.


Keywords: calix[4]pyrogallarene, sunscreen, benzoate, acylation

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