Ritta Setiyati, Lestanto Pudji Santosa


Human Resource Management is one of the factors that must be considered to improve skills and knowledge innovation on technology, work procedures and organizational structure with different dynamics. The existence of dynamics under the standard certainly not expected by anyone, let alone the era of globalization and computerization keadaaannya there is a tight competition, then performance below the standards will be left behind by its competitors. If the organization left behind by its competitors remains unchanged, it is not impossible that the organization is in a critical condition, even close to destruction because the quality of Human Resources lacks the motivation, skill and innovation of technology knowledge, working procedures and organizational structure. Human Resource Management in an organization becomes very important so it must get top priority to face challenges such as how to manage Human Resources so that they become high productivity people, have a good work innovation ? At the University's precise educational organization is a suitable place for human resource assessment in terms of productivity and innovation that is where academic nuances, research nuances and devotion, are highly relevant for the study of thought and human resource management review. The method approach is qualitative descriptive and explorative as well as information engineering approach through making area and function matrices, thus forming a productive and innovative human resource development management model for the survival and feasibility of an organization.

Keywords: Modeling, Coaching Management, Human Resources, Productive, Innovative, Information Engineering.

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