Ritta Setiyati, Elok Hikmawati


Employees in the company are the most important resources to support the achievement of the vision and mission that has been made. In addition, they are also very different when compared to other resources because employees are more specific resources because they have their own behaviors, feelings, intellect and goals. For this reason, human resource management in the company is an important thing to do. In general, the strategy is the process of determining the plans of the top leaders who focus on the long-term goals of the organization, accompanied by the preparation of a way or effort on how to achieve these goals. The strategy was made in order to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the organization or company to satisfy consumers or customers. And of course how to increase job satisfaction and motivation of workers or subordinates is very important to support the success of a company. Companies need to make a strategy of job satisfaction and employee motivation, because the higher the employee satisfaction, the higher the work motivation will be. With high work motivation will make employees more eager to work and ultimately company productivity will increase.


Keywords: strategy, job satisfaction, work motivation

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