Mushaf Al Farizi, Mukhammad Abduh


The research aims to minimize the number of 1/4 HP crankcase defects in the Foundry division. The subject of this research is the manufacture air compressor company located in Tangerang namely PT. SDP. The data used in this study was data defect of crankcase 1/4 HP product in the Foundry division during the January period of 2019, this study used Six Sigma method, with DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). In each approach in the use of tools that help generate the proposal for improvement, in this case Define using the CTQ tool (Critical to Quality) and 5W + 1H, in the Measure of the researchers are processing the DPO value, DPMO value, the value of sigma & process capability. At the stage of Analyze researchers use Pareto diagram & causal diagram, in the phase of Improve used diagram matrix and FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), and in the Control phase will be performed after an acyl repair is performed. This research concluded that the value of RPN (Risk Priority Number) is the most liquid metal (material) that is too much out of the printed sand is 504, from the research results obtained that the sand that is too much out of the print sand will be the main cause of the type of defect defects in the product crankcase 1/4 HP, therefore from the results of the study of the , the operator who does the job is advised to know the type of sand loss, and for the fulfillment of target achievement is to conduct training for the operator on duty, also ensure the APD is used by the operator.

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