Indra Gunara Rochyat, Ahmad Fuad, Erina Wiyono


Research with material objects that are subject to the phenomenon of the continuity of the playing arena that is formed and preserved on the social system in the Petir Village area, Serang Regency, Banten. The purpose of this research is to explain and reveal the reasons the community plays a role in its preservation behind the manifestation of the phenomenon of the karting circuit in Petir Village (Gogopet) in the area. Qualitative research methods followed by phenomenological research strategies to be used in discovering human phenomena in understanding, experiencing, interpreting, and producing their social objects and the meanings they cause. Emilie Durkheim's social fact paradigm is used as a way to see the context of the nature of social phenomena in producing this social object. Talcott Parsons' Structural Functionalism approach accompanies the method of searching for the nature of the symptoms of community action on social object systems, which is the theory of A.G.I.L. from Parsons used on the basis of the actions of the actors as the scalpel of his research. This research produces explanations regarding the sustainability of the Gogopet racing circuit in Petir Village which is a must, where there is a reciprocal interrelation between the needs of the village community and the owner, and with the obligations of the local government in improving the economic welfare of the community.


Keywords:  petir village, sustainability, social system

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