Rahmah Ningsih


The existence of Islam in Indonesia that makes it as a religion with the most adherents has its own uniqueness in the history of its development. Indonesian Islam is spread, taught and embraced in a peaceful and well-received way. In the process of the entry of Islam into Indonesia there are several theoretical debates. The diversity of the theory occurs because it looks at the condition and reality of Muslims in Indonesia at this time. Indications of religious practices, heritage history and even the habits of Indonesian Muslims are important indicators to answer the arrival of Islam for the first time. The entry of Islam into Indonesia brought by merchants, Sufis, and clerics has its own peculiarities ranging from economic, political, educational, and even accommodating local culture. Introducing Islam as a new religion to people who already have animism, dynamism and have embraced Hinduism and Buddhism makes the scholars approach culturally. In addition to displaying  akhlakul karimah,  scholars in daily life also conduct cultural acculturation even religion and community beliefs to introduce, teach and preach a peaceful Islam. This cultural acculturation then makes Islam as a new religion easy to understand, accept and follow by the community.


Keywords:  Islam, cultural acculturation, the spread of Islam in Indonesia

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