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Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) is a program initiated by the Ministry of Education and CultureIKTI since 2020 and is in accordance with the National Higher Education Standards. This program provides opportunities for students to be able to gain knowledge and experience outside the Study Program and even outside of Higher Education in the hope of being able to achieve the Learning Outcomes (CPL) determined by the Study Program. The role of the lecturer in this case is as a driver, motivator and companion for students who take part in the MBKM program. This study aims to measure perceived usefulness and perceived information can increase lecturers' intentions in continuing to implement and recommend this MBKM program. The research design used a survey through online questionnaires to lecturers at the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business. This survey was carried out in December 2021, with participants being full time lecturers at the Management Study Program at Private Universities in Jakarta, with a sample at Esa Unggul University. Methods Data analysis was carried out using Descriptive Statistics and Structural Equation Modelling – Partial Least Square (SEM PLS) to see the relationship between perceived benefits and the intention to continue as a mentoring lecturer for the MBKM program. The results obtained indicate that the majority of lecturers perceive the usefulness of the MBKM program in the MODERATE category to be useful, even though they actually have a very good understanding of this program. Although the program is not considered very useful, the lecturers in the Management Study Program highly recommend it to students. Other findings show that recommendations are largely determined by perceived benefits, but not by how well the lecturers know about MBKM. So the implication of this research is to increase the perception of the benefits of lecturers towards MBKM so that they can better recommend students to take part in this program. Keywords: Knowledge of Independent Learning, Perceived Usefulness of MBKM, Recommendation of MBKM


Pengetahuan Merdeka Belajar, Persepsi Manfaat MBKM, Rekomendasi MBKM

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