Asas Kerahasiaan Bank dan Pengecualiannya Demi Kepentingan Hukum

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Throughout the history of worldwide banking, its regulation is always marked by a clash between those who argue that in order to bring a banking stability should be done through legislation strictly and banking market should be allowed to set itself to promote economic efficiency. Due to the big role of banks to run deyelopment of a country, then banks need the funds from public in deposits. In the relationship between bank and society, which is not in the contractual relationship, it has arisen a relationship of trust (fiduciary relationship),  on which people trust to saye their money, whereas for bank itself has a  moral not to disclose the secret of its customers to other parties unless otherwise stipulated in laws and regulations in force, which became known by the term "bank secrecy".

Keywords: Principle of Bank Confidentiality, Bank Secrecy, Society Trust


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