The Effect of Leadership Behavior, Perception to Company Policy and Work Motivation on Productivity at PT Trigatra Usahatama Jakarta (2008)

Basuki Ranto



The purpose of this research is to determine the effect   leadership behavior,perception to company policy and work motivation on productivity. A survey was conducted at the PT Trigatra Usahatama once of entreprises who distibution activity. The research concludes that there are as follow: 1. there is direct effect of  the leadership behavior on productivity, 2. there is direct effect of  the perception to company on productivit ,3. there is direct effect of  work motivation   on productivity, 4. Moreover there is direct  effect between the leadership behavior, perception to company policy, and work motivation with the productivity. Therefore, the productivity can be improved by enhancing through the leadership  behavior,perception to company policy, and work motivation.

Keywords: leadership behavior, perception, motivation



Daftar Pustaka

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