Perancangan Pendeteksi Kebocoran Tabung Gas Berbasis Mikrokontroler At89s52

Budi Tjahjono, Khairul Saleh



In the application of government policy on fuel switching to gas cylinders, there are still many weaknesses in the policy. The number of gas cylinders exploding in the midst of society, become very disturbing and there needs to be anticipated that such unrest could disappear from the minds of the people using gas cylinders. The design of the detection in gas cylinders, are expected to reduce people's fears in using oil instead of gas cylinders. The main components of the tool consists of a sensor that is sensitive to tgs2610 gas content. AT89S52 microcontroller which functions to send commands to the components of the LED, buzzer, LCD and even as a communication tool to users. High levels of gas in a chamber will be detected by sensors, and sensors will send a voltage which has strengthened the op-amp to the microcontroller. And the microcontroller will send commands to the white LED to light and buzzer will sound, and LCD screen will display a notification danger of gas leaks. After the anticipation has been done the user can reset the reset tool that works like the early returns, or simply wait for the sensor sends data to the microcontroller that the gas is safe. If the sensor does not detect the presence of gas sensors transmit data to a microcontroller for processing, and microcontroller sends commands to the red LED remains lit and the LCD screen displays a notification that the gas is safe.

Keywords: sensor, mikrokontroler, AT89S52


Daftar Pustaka

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