Kepemimpinan dan Pekerjaan Sebagai Penentu Keefektifan Suatu Organisasi

M. Ali Iqbal



The effectiveness of the organization is assumed to be significantly affected by the quality of the leadership and the work performance of the staff. The study reported here aimed to examine how the two independent variables actually affected the organizational effectiveness of the Agricultural Research and Development Body  of the Ministry of Agriculture. The causal study was con-ducted in the form of a survey to the staff in the research and development body, involving a sample of 250 personnel who had been randomly selected. The data of each variable were collected separately with a questionnaire. Correlation technique was employed to analyze the data descriptively and inferentially. Re-sults show that the effectiveness of the organization was possitively effected by the leadership quality and the work performance demonstrated by the staff.. These findings suggest that the variables of leadership and staff’s work performance are important determinants of the organizational affectiveness in the body. Improved organizational effectiveness my be therefore be expected from improved leadership and staff’s work performance.

Keywords: leadership, effectiveness,  organization



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