Pembuatan Aplikasi Sms Kriptografi Rsa Dengan Android

I.Joko Dewanto, Verdy Yanto



Sending a message is an activity who use by everyone for a day now. But we a citizen must beware of message spy without permission or tap a message content while a message inside a process sending  from cellular owner who has that message. Of course cellular owner doesn’t know there’s a other who know that a message content that is a private message or steal an idea content of message. For thatim initiative for build a security message using cryptograph with RSA Method which a cellular owner can sending or receive a message without spy by other (cryptonalyst). For me cryptograph is the only way for secure a message from cryptonalyst (hacker) and a cryptography has been called like a code language. And why I am implement RSA Method for a securing a message than an other method of cryptograph ? That thing because a common method like blowfish , chipper cigne , etc only use one key for encrypt and decrypt a message  , but with a RSA Method a message will be encrypt and decrypt with two key and its call public key for encrypt a message and private key for decrypt a message. And this application will be build in android platform because there’s many people have an android mobile.

Keywords: cryptograph , RSA , message


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