Akhmad Fais Fauzi


Rational planning, with its formal hierarchic, strict procedures, sectorial organizations and top-down approach cannot answer complexity of spatial problems. Communicative planning appears as a response for traditional way of planning. Communicative planning aim to reach a consensus of a problem. Communication between government, community and other consist of workshops, discourse, regular discussions, meetings and other activities. This paper discussed three case studies to examine the communicative planning process. First case is about imbalances in local housing market at Swedish Strategic Choice Approach. Second case is about communicative planning in Raca-Slovakia regeneration process. And the final case is about Surakarta-Indonesia focused in Mayor Surakarta communicative approach in relocating street vendors. Understanding of communicative planning will further enhance the role of community and informal organizations in the planning process. Role of the planner in communicative planning is no longer just a technocratic leader, but rather the experiential learner.


Keywords : communicative turn, planning, discoursus, participation, consensus

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